“All great architecture is the design of space that contains, cuddles, exalts, or stimulates the persons in that space.”– Philip Johnson

For more than 30 years, CPG Architects has been helping organizations focus on that 'exalting' element of the work environment.

Through our unique, future-focused process and our comprehensive array of services, we create work environments that minimize distraction while maximizing comfort and creativity. Our greatest enjoyment is to design environments that people love to work in.

By taking the time to listen and fully understand our clients' needs, our team is able to integrate business, real estate, and facility management strategies while adding value at every step of the process.

So come on in. Get comfortable. And learn how CPG can help your firm exalt.


About CPG

“The brain is an organ that starts working the moment you get up in the morning and does not stop until you get to the office.”– Robert Frost

In a way, we're in the business of keeping brains working…while working. At CPG, we do that by creating environments that foster comfort, productivity, and innovation. Every project reflects our commitment to:

  • Identifying and delivering the most value to our clients
  • Providing leading-edge resources our employees need to deliver that value
  • Creating the right design environment to achieve dynamic results

It's not always easy to live up to that commitment. But we've been doing it for our clients since 1979 —thanks to the dedication, hard work, and some of the best and creative, well, brains in architecture and design.



“I don't want yes-men, I want people to always tell me the truth—even if it costs them their jobs.”– Samuel Goldwyn

CPG's strength lies in its diverse team of highly qualified architects and interior designers who—unlike Mr. Goldwyn's ideal employees—are eager to "push the envelope" if a new idea or a different approach is in the client's best interests.

CPG is a dynamic and growing 45+ person regional architecture, interiors, and planning firm with offices in Stamford, CT and Scottsdale AZ.

Although our clients are mostly corporate, we also work on a number of retail, educational and healthcare assignments.

Our success has so much to do with the fact that 17% of our staff has been with the company over 20 years, 7% over 15 years and 15% over 10 years and 39% over 5 years. Of our current staff, 12% returned to CPG after a hiatus.

Karen M. Lika

Bio >

Karen M. Lika


Karen discovered early of her passion for design. Developing as a designer, she realized how her innate interest in people from all walks of life affords her a wide and vital perspective on the design process.

Over 25 years, Karen's skill as a designer has been augmented by her ability in developing and nurturing relationships. Striving for a rich level of communication and understanding of a client's real needs and concerns always guides her approach to the entire assignment. Often she takes into account pertinent issues beyond the project at hand.

Now as a principal of a well regarded, dynamic and experienced firm, Karen seamlessly melds her approach to the client world with the inner realm of her dedicated and creative staff. Karen's keen insight keeps the thousands of details and dozens of project team members aligned with the final destination. Karen relishes a challenge and usually succeeds, garnering many kudos and sincere appreciation.

Karen is a wellness and fitness devotee and volunteers her time to mentor adolescent girls in crisis through Project Return in Westport, CT.

Jenny Paik, LEED AP

Bio >

Jenny Paik, LEED AP


Jenny fine-tuned her natural savoir-faire in interior design during thirty years of experience in the field. Prior to joining CPG she was with Skidmore Owings & Merrill, their NYC office. Today in her role as a Principal, Jenny continues to focus on all aspects of a project, from preliminary planning through the execution of fine detail. Jenny is in daily contact with clients throughout each phase of the project. Her hands-on approach makes certain the project goals become reality and the desired outcome is achieved within budget and schedule.

Her passion in design and extensive knowledge in managing have resulted in many happy clients. Jenny values and takes great pride in her many long term and repeat clients, and the rewards from her dedication and involved approach result in win-win outcomes.

Michael Mallardi, AIA
VP of Architecture

Bio >

Michael Mallardi, AIA

VP of Architecture

Mickey favors the clearest, least complicated forms that express the spirit and character and achieves the practical needs of the client. He vigorously advocates learning about the client's culture and vision and establishing specific goals and objectives about people, money, time and quality before undertaking design. He enjoys generating and testing concepts, by interacting with the client and the whole project team, then developing the chosen concepts into carefully crafted and coordinated design. Three decades at CPG, Mickey is equally at home with very small and very large projects and especially savors fashioning the details that make a project unique. He is grateful for the opportunity to help translate dreams and imagination into reality. And he is still learning about what makes a good architect.

Mickey also devotes time to performing as a guitarist, singer-songwriter and actor and volunteering time to help preschool kids learn about music.

James Sackett, AIA
VP, Director of Design

Bio >

James R. Sackett, AIA

VP, Director of Design

Jim's professional talent is in design and management of complex commercial projects. During his tenure at CPG, he has been key in helping large companies redesign existing space.

Jim cut his teeth in NYC with over 8 years of experience in corporate interior work primarily in the banking and advertising industries. For 10 years prior to joining CPG, Jim was principal of his own firm and developed a broad range of experience in commercial building renovations, high end residential, industrial, and retail. At CPG, Jim's charge is the coordination of CPG's design effort. His challenge is to raise the design bar while respecting the client's program, image and budget objectives – to interface design objectives with construction detailing, finishes and specifications. Jim is one of our in-house gurus regarding building codes and accessibility as well as preparation and coordination of specification manuals, outlining specifics, leaving little or no room for chance.



  • Due Diligence
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Tenant Development
  • Master Planning
  • Facilities Management
  • Outsourcing


  • Interiors
  • Core & Shell
  • Graphics & Identity
  • Specialty Consulting
  • Branding
  • Sustainability/LEED


  • Project Management
  • Turnkey
  • Procurement
  • Construction Management
  • Furniture Management






“Look at me: I worked my way up from nothing to a state of extreme poverty.”
– Groucho Marx

While Groucho may have understated his success for comedic effect, there's nothing exaggerated about his rise from poverty to the heights of success—and nothing funny about the hard work it took to get there.

Since 1979, CPG has become a highly respected industry leader, working with organizations of every size in virtually every industry, year after year.

In a field where "one-project wonders" dominate the landscape, CPG has leveraged its commitment to client value and constant innovation to build a solid track record of success—for both our clients' organizations and ours.

In fact, more than 70% of our business in any given year is repeat business—a track record even Groucho might admire.



“I think the next wave of office design will focus on eliminating the only remaining obstacle to office productivity: your happiness.”– Scott Adams

At CPG, we also believe that each new wave of office design ideas can have a dramatic effect on productivity. Unlike Dilbert and his colleagues, however, the results for our clients will be greater satisfaction.

At the heart of our approach is an innovative process for gathering information about the needs of our clients. We call this process Envisioning and it serves as a solid foundation for the development of design concepts. Envisioning is programming on steroids. We believe each client's solutions are unique, and while planning concepts may look similar, implementation is often very different.

Many firms focus and push the latest planning trends. At CPG we would rather find out what's important to each company and then present appropriate planning alternatives.


Representative Client List

A.T. Clayton
ADP Service Corporation
ADP Services Inc.
ADT Security
Aegis Mortgage Corp
AFRT Dianon
AIG Corporation
AIG Marketing
AIG Trading Corp.
Akzo Nobel
Albert D. Phelps
Albourne America LLC
Alea North America Company
Alliance Data Systems
Allstate/First CT Lending
Alpha Chartering
Amdocs/9 West Broad
Amdocs/NJ Amdocs Inc.
American Bailey Fueltech
American Apparel
American Bailey
American Bible Society
American Express Service Ctr
American Family Mutual
Amscan Inc.
Ann Taylor
Anne & Jan, Inc.
Antares Hat Factory
Antares Stamford Harbor Park
Antares Yale & Towne
Aperture Technologies
Apollo Real Estate Advisors
Apollo: 1290 6th Avenue
Arrow Electronics
Atlantic Info at Lee Farm
Atlantic-Pacific Capital, Inc.
Auspex Group
Autocue Holdings, Inc.
Axel Johnson
Baltimore Gas & Electric
Banco Popular
Bank of New York
Barnum Financial Group
Barry Blau Partners
Bay Management
Beacon Mill Village
Beaumont Hospital
Benckiser Sonsumer Products
Benenson Capital
Benenson Cap. 1600 Summer
Benenson Cap. 210 Livingston

Biltmore Allstate
Biltmore Apt Tower
Biltmore Geo Bagley
BKM Total Office
Blair Asset Management, LP
Bloomberg Financial Markets
BMW Oyster Bay
Boardroom Reports
Bowtie Partners
Breitling Security
Breitling USA, Inc.
Bresnan Broadband Holdings, LLC

Bresnan Communications, Inc.
Briarcliffe College
Brink's International
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Brocade Comm. Systems
Brynwood Partners
Building & Land Technology
Bulk Ocean Chartering Inc.
Bunge Limited
Business Dev. Bank of Canada
Butler America
BGT Limited
C. Dean Metropoulos & Co.
Cadbury Schweppes
Cadillac of Greenwich
California Business Interiors
Camelot Capital
Canadian Red Cross
Career Blazers
Career Education Corporation
Casey, Quirk & Assoc.
Castlenet, LLC
CB Richard Ellis
CBG Investment Advisors
CDW Computer Centers, Inc.
CEC AIU Atlanta
CEC Briarcliffe Bethpage
CEC Gibbs Farmington
CEC Patchogue
Centennial Communications
CGI Group Inc.
Champion International
Chevy Chase Bank
Child Guidance Center
Chrysler Building
Chrysler East
Cirrus Tenant Lease Services
Citibank 1391 Madison Ave.
Citibank 145 E. 42nd
Citibank 1633 Broadway
Citibank 267 5th Ave.
Citibank 501 2nd Ave.
Citibank 5254 Copper Sq.
Citibank 750 Washington
Citibank Bee Cave Austin
Citibank Black Rock Fairfield
Citibank Boston

Citibank Cedar Springs Dallas
Citibank Chelsea
Citibank Chinatown
Citibank CRS
Citibank Danbury
Citibank East Haven
Citibank Fort Lee
Citibank Glastonbury
Citibank Greenwich
Citibank Hartford Civic Center
Citibank Meriden
Citibank Middletown
Citibank N. Plainfield
Citibank New Canaan
Citibank New City
Citibank New Haven
Citibank Newington
Citibank Newtown
Citibank North Haven
Citibank Norwalk
Citibank NYC
Citibank Oceanside
Citibank Orange
Citibank Paramus
Citibank Prototype
Citibank Purchase
Citibank Ramsey
Citibank Ridgefield
Citibank Shelton
Citibank Smith Barney
Citibank South Norwalk
Citibank Southington
Citibank Stamford
Citibank Suffern
Citibank Thornwood
Citibank Waterbury
Citibank Westfield
Citibank West Hartford
Citibank West Orange
Citibank Westport
Citibank Wethersfield
Citibank White Plains

Citibank Yonkers
Citibank Yorkville
Citicorp Investments
Citigroup Mortgage
Citibank Bridgeport
Citibank Woodbridge
Citizens Communications
Citizens Utilities
City Harvest
Clancy Moving
Claremont Technology Group
Clearview Investments
Clocktower Close
Colangelo Group
Colangelo Synergy Marketing
Columbia University
Commonfund Group
Compass Group
Computer Sciences
Constellation Power Source
Continental Airlines
Corporate Branding
Corporate Executive Board/London
Corporate Executive Board/D.C.
Countrywide Home Loans Inc.
CPC Resources
CPG One Dock Street
CRA Realty Advisors
Crane Company
Crescent Jewelers
Crestar Bank
Cromwell Leather
Crozer Keystone Real Estate
Crozer-Keystone Health
CT Conference of Municipalities
Cushman & Wakefield
Cushman & Wakefield 222 E 41
Cycling Sports Group
Dannon HQ
Davis Companies
Deloitte & Touche LLP
Deloitte Canada
Deloitte Stamford
Deloitte Wilton
Department of Ecology
Desco Group Inc.
Diageo 530 5th Ave. NYC
Diageo Chicago
Diageo Dallas
Diageo Distillery TN

Diageo Headquarters
Diageo Innovations
Diageo Miami
Diageo Napa Valley
Diageo Norwalk
Diageo NY Branding
Diageo NYC
Diageo NYC Wines
Diageo Reckson
Diageo San Francisco
Diageo Toronto
Diageo WOW
Diageo Global Standards
Dillon Residence
DMG Advisors
Dobson Cellular
Dock Street Holdings LLC
Dorel Sports
Dr. Greenwald Dentistry
Dr. Lord
Dr. Sadeghi
Dr. Waller
DRA Advisors
Duggan Realty Advisors
Dworkin Residence
8 Sound Shore Drive
80 Field Point Road Greenwich
850 3rd Avenue
885 3rd Avenue
E Commerce Corp.
E Media, Inc.
Edison Schools
Edison Schools ASU
Edison Schools St. Louis
Edwards & Zuck
Einstein Bagels
Ellington Management Group

eMedia, Inc.
Empire State Building
Equity 1301 6th Avenue
Equity 527 Madison
Equity 717 5th Avenue
Equity 850 3rd Avenue
Equity 1301 6th Avenue
Equity 177 Broad
Equity 4 Stamford Plaza
Equity 527 Madison Avenue
Equity 850 Third Ave
Equity Office Properties
Equity Offices Park Avenue
Equity One
Equity Park Avenue Tower
Equity Stamford Plaza Cafe
Equity Worldwide Plaza
Ericsson NYC
Ernst & Young
Esl Federal Credit Union
Essention Inc.
Enterprise Technology Corp.
Excel Partners
4 Stamford Plaza
40 Broad Street
40 Broad Street
425 Park Avenue
470 West Avenue
48 Wall Street
502 Canal Street, Stamford
555/575 Market Street
55A East 8th Avenue

Factory Connection
Fairfield Metro Center
Favour Royal
First Comp
First Federal Bank of CA
First Security Services Co.
Fisk Building
Flag Venture Management
Fletcher Knight
Frontier Insurance

Flinn Ferguson
Flohr Residence
Focus First America
Focus Vision Worldwide
Food Management Partners
Frame King
Fred F French
Freeman, Loftus & Manley
GAB Robins
GAB Robins North America Inc.
Gac Marketing
Gac Prefered Investment Solutions
Gartner Group
Garvin Nathaniel
GE Lee Farm
GE 10 Riverview Dr
GE 101 East Ridge
GE 120 Long Ridge Road
GE 1600 Summer Street
GE 201 High Ridge Road
GE 260 High Ridge Road
GE 260 Long Ridge Road
GE 291 Long Ridge Road
GE 777 Long Ridge Road
GE Capital Cef
GE Capital Cloe
GE Capital Corporation
GE Capital Inventory Finance
GE Capital Rfs
GE Capital, Capital Markets
GE Capital, Corp Services
GE Capital, Crefs
GE Capital, E-commerce
GE Capital, Equity
GE Capital, Eric
GE Capital, Sfg
GE Capital, Sourcing
GE Card Services
GE Cef
GE Cef Vfs 10 Riverview

GE Company
GE Company / 120 Long Ridge
GE Company/1600 Summer
GE Company/201 High Ridge
GE Company/260 Long Ridge
GE Company/301 Lee Farm
GE Company/777 Lrr
GE Company/Treasury Group
GE Credit Corporation
GE Investment
GE Lee Farms
GE Money
GE Security
GE Sfg
GE Software Group
GECC/777 Long Ridge
GECC 120 Long Ridge
GECC 260 Long Ridge
GECC 291 Long Ridge
GECC 335 Madison Ave.
GECC 101 Merritt 7
GECC 401 Merritt 7
GECC 501 Merritt 7
GECC 40 Old Ridgebury
GECC 42 Old Ridgebury
GECC 44 Old Ridgebury
GECC 777 Lr Bldg A
GECC Cef Lee Farms
GECC Crefs 291 Long Ridge
GE Cef Vfs Lee Farm
GE Cfs

GECIS 40 Old Ridgebury
Geller & Company
General Atlantic
General Electric Capital Corporation
General Electric Credit Corp
General Electric VFS
General Mills Operations, Inc.
General Mills, Inc.
General Re
General Signal
Geneve Corporation
Gesualdi Residences
Gibbs College
Gibbs College Norwalk
Gibbs Farmington
Global Security ABC/Disney
GMAC Mortgage
Goodfellow Ashmore
Gordian Group
Greenwald Dentistry
Greenwich American Cener
Greenwich Capital Markets
Greenwich Hospital
Greenwich Tech
Greenwich Technology Partners
Gridiron Capital
Group 601
Group 601 / UPS Stores
Grubb & Ellis Company
Gtech Corporation
GVA Williams
H. Muehlstein & Co.
Haestad Methods
Harbor Plaza
Harrison Executive Park
Hasbro Inc.
Healthcare Realty Services
Healthnet 2005 NYC
Healthnet 2005 Shelton
Healthnet Kcb
Healthnet NYC
Healthnet Parking Garage
Healthnet Shelton

Houlihan & Lawrence
Helmsley 112 W 34th St
Helmsley 1333 Broadway
Helmsley 1350 Broadway
Helmsley 1359 Broadway
Helmsley 1400 Broadway
Helmsley 501 7th Avenue
Helmsley-Spear Inc.
Henry Schein
Hewitt Associates
Hines/Chrysler Capital
Hines/US Trust
Hines Countrywide

Hines Interests Limited
Hoffman Brothers
Hoffman Investment Partners
Holly Duran Partners
Holly Pond
Honeywell International Inc.
Honeywell Support Services
Houghton Mifflin
Howard Systems
Howard Systems International
Hudson's Bay Trading Co.
i.park Norwalk
IBM Corporation
IBM Retirement Funds
Idelle At Lee Farm
Idelle Labs
Imperial Investment
IMS Health New Jersey

Indian Harbor Group
Infor Prolease
Inrange Technologies
Institute of Culinary Education
Intermountain Health Care
IMS Health Norwalk
Internal Revenue Service
International Paper
International Toy Center
Interoffice Management
Ipsos-Asi, Inc.
J. Walter Thompson
JAT Capital
Jeffries & Company Inc.

John Frieda
John W. Henry & Co., Inc.
JP Morgan
JP Morgan Chase
Karp Associates
Kay's Construction
Kazi Foods

Kew Management
Kidd & Company
Kids In Crisis
King Casey
Knights of Columbus
L&L Acquisitions, Llc
L&L Holding Co., Inc.
Laerdal Medical Corp.
Laerdal Medical Group
Lasalle Partners
Learning Care Group
Leclair Ryan
Lee Farm Corporate Park
Lee Farms
Legg Mason

Lehman Brothers
Leo Mckeague
Levy Organization
LG Securities America, Inc.
Lgs Pogo
Life Care
Life Reasuurance Corp.
Lifecare, Inc.
Lime Rock Partners
Lincoln At Merritt 8
Lincoln Bldg / Helmsley

Lincoln Bldg / Newmark
Lincoln Building
Litchfield Hills Ortho. Canton
Litchfield Hills Orthopedics
Littlejohn & Co., LLC
Long Term Capital Management
Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton N.A. Inc.
LVMH Fashion Americas
Leggat Mccall Properties
Mack-Cali Realty
Madge Network
MAI Systems Inc.
Maplewood Senior Living
Marcus & Millichap
Marketing 1 To 1
Marlboro Associates, Llc
Marshall Wace
Mass Mutal
Match MG
MBIA Insurance Corporation
McCoy, Inc.
Mcgraw Hill / 1221 6th Ave
Mcgraw Hill / 2 Penn
Mcgraw Hill / Atlanta
Mcgraw Hill / Lexington Ma
Mcgraw Hill Companies, Inc.
MCI Telecommunications
Mcnamara & Kenny

Media General
Memberworks Incorporated
Meritage Properties LLC
Merritt 7 101
Merritt 7 201
Merritt 7 301
Merritt 7 401
Merritt 7 501
Merritt 7 Corporate Park
Merritt 8 Merritt 8 2nd Fl
Merritt 8 Acquisitions, Llc
Merritt 8 Corporate Park
Merritt Corp Woods
Merritt On The River
Merritt Woods
Met Center
Metro Center
Metropolitan Life Insurance Co.
Metropoulos Group Inc.

Midway Investors
Milestone Security
Mill Management
Millennium Partners
Mintz Levin
Mistubishi Imaging (USA), Inc.
Mitler & Mercaldo
Mitsui & Co. (USA), Inc.
Mks Instruments
Moab Oil
Modem Media
Modem Media. Poppe Tyson
Morgan Guaranty Trust
Morgan Stanley Dean Witter
Mormac Marine
Mott's Snapple
Mott's Snapple Headquarters
Mountain Development
Murtha Cullina
Myllykoski At Merritt 7
Meded Healthcare Group
901 Kuehner
969 High Ridge Road
99 Hawley Lane
Natwest Markets
NBC Olympics
NBC Olympics Athens
NBC Olympics Torino
NBC Olympics Athens
NBC Olympics Torino
NCC Center For Info
Nestle Waters

Nestle Waters Globe
Nestle Waters, NA, Inc.
Newman’s Own
Newmark & Co. RE, Inc.
Next Wave
Nextel Communication
Nickerson 8 Sound Shore Dr.
Nichols MD
Nine West
North Castle Partners
North Sound Capital
Northern Trust Company

Norwalk Community College
Norwalk Medical Group
Novastar Financial
Nsight Telservices
NVR Inc.
NY Medical Imaging
NY Times Building
Nyala Farms
Nyala Farms 100 & 400
NYC Landmarks Commission
Northwest Medical Center
100 Wall Street, NYC
1010 3rd Avenue
1010 Washington Blvd.
11 Lake Avenue
11 West 42nd
1111 Summer Street
1177 Summer Street
1600 Summer Street

Office Depot
Ohio Savings Bank
Old Post Office Restaurant
Olnick Headquarters
Olstein & Associates, L.p.
Olympic Construction
One Dock Street
One River Road
Ons & Richter
Opticare Eye Care
Oriel Instruments
Orscheln Management
OTA Limited Partnership
OTR Global Trading LLC
Outlooksoft Corporation
One Stamford Landing
Palladio Capital
Palmero Partners
Paloma / JP Morgan
Paloma Partners Management Co.
Park 80 West
Parsons Brinckerhoff
Parsons Transportation Group Inc.
PAS Associates
Paul Hastings Janofsky & Walker
Pavarini Construction
Paw Partners
Pearson Vue
Pet Food Express
Pharmacia & Upjohn Company

PHS, Neptune
PHS, Paramus
PHS, Shelton
PHS, Stratford
Physicians Health Services
Pitney Bowes Credit Corp
Pitney Bowes Inc.
Pitney Bowes Shelton
Pitt Pl Invesmart
Plantinum Technologies
Playtex Products, Inc.
PNC Bank
PNC Bank (Riggs) Oakton
PNC Bank Dulles
Preferred Investment Solutions
Preotle, Lane & Associates, Ltd.
Primedia 1600 Summer Street
Primedia 969 Hrr
Progressive Insurance
Provident Bank
Provident Bank / Harriman
Provident Bank / Montebello
Prudential Savings
Ptarmigan Capital
Quantitative Fin. Strategies
Quebecor World Inc.
Quorum Federal Credit Union
Reader's Digest
Reckson 1 Landmark
Reckson 1055 Washington Blvd
Reckson 2 Landmark
Reckson 225 High Ridge East
Reckson 4 Landmark
Reckson Realty
Reflections Salon
REI - 73 Sand Pit
REI / Aegis Mortgage Corp
REI Lee Farms GE Software Group
REI Property & Asset Man.
Related Properties
Republic Bank Of New York
Reynolds Metals
RIM - Research in Motion
RFR Realty
Rfs 200 Pondview
RFS Cablewave Systems
Rhone Group

Renaissance Re
Richards Barry Joyce
Riggs Bank - 1919 Penn.
Riggs Bank - 20th & L
Riggs Bank - 7th & I Street
Riggs Bank - Ballston
Riggs Bank - Capitol Hill
Riggs Bank - Cityplace
Riggs Bank - Congressional
Riggs Bank - Dulles Airport
Riggs Bank - Dulles Town Center
Riggs Bank - Fairwood
Riggs Bank - Fallsgrove
Riggs Bank - Friendship
Riggs Bank - Gainesville
Riggs Bank - Intelsat
Riggs Bank - Middleburg
Riggs Bank - National Airport
Riggs Bank - Oakton
Riggs Bank - Rockville
Rubicon Technology Partners
Riggs Bank - Rosslyn
Riggs Bank - S. Washington
Riggs Bank - Sterling
Riggs Bank - Universal
Riggs Bank - Wildwood
Riggs Bank - Wisconsin
Riggs Bank, N.A.
Robert D. Scinto Inc.
Robins Afb
Robinson & Cole
Rockefeller Center
Rockland Trust
Romeo Residence
Roy F. Weston
Royce & Associates
Rvi Services Co., Inc.
Ryan Beck
65 E. 8th Avenue
666 5th Avenue
717 Fifth Avenue
73 Sand Pit
733 Summer Street
Saab of Westport
Sands 40 / 42 Old Ridgebury
Savin Corp.
Schieffelin & Somerset Co.
Scinto (Multiple Projects)
Scinto Fairfield
Scinto Il Palio
Scinto International Plaza
Scinto Jewish Home

Scinto Renaissance
Scinto Tower 1
SDS Capital
Seaboard 600 Summer
Seaboard / 1 Dock Street
Seaboard / 470 West Avenue
Seaboard / 5 Stamford Landing
Seaboard Argus
Seaboard Beacon Mill Village
Seaboard Clocktower Close
Seaboard Development
Seaboard New Canaan
Seaboard Offices
Seaboard Property Man.

Stamford Town Center
State Of Connecticut
Statoil Marketing & Trading
Statoil North America Inc.
Staubach Lease Management Inc.
Still River
Stolt Nielsen
Summit Development
Sun Products HQ
Sun Products R&D
Suntrust Real Estate
Swearingen Realty Group, Llc
Swiss RE American Holding Corp.
225 High Ridge Road
230 Park Avenue
300 Park Tower
316 Courtland Ave
345 Main Street, Stamford
T. Rowe Price
Tauck Tours
Team Health, Inc.
Telcordia Technologies
The Atrium

The Olnick Organization
The Taubman Company
The Thomson Corporation
The Winter Organization
Three Stamford Landing
Time Warner Cable
Tishman Speyer
Tishman Speyer City Spire
Tishman Speyer GAC
Tishman Speyer NYT Building

Tishman Speyer Properties
Tishman Speyer Rockefeller Cen.
Tockstein School
Tom Fowler Residence
Tommy Hilfiger
Tower / GAC
Tower Realty Company
Tower Realty Management
Tower Records
Trammell Crow Company
Tudor Investment Corporation
Unger Residence
United Distillers
United Rentals
UPS Stores Ury & Moskow
U.S. Patent & Trademark Office
USG Insurance
US Tobacco
VA Medical Center
Van Dyk Baler Corp.
Vertrue Incorporated

Vertrue Omaha
Vineyard Vines
Vivendi Universal VNU-USA
Voc Bulk Shipping USA, Inc.
Voc Shipholdings BV
VSI Communications
W&M Properties
Wakefern Food Corporation
Walker Digital
Warrantech, Inc.
Watkins Motor Lines
Watson Wyatt
Webster Bank
Webster Bank Building

Werner & Kennedy
West Lyon Farm
West Lyon Farm Condo Assoc.
Wien & Malkin
Wilmington Finance
Witco Corporation

Workplace Solutions
World Courier
Worldly Gifts
W.R. Grace
Wunderman Cato Johnson

Xerox Corporation
XPO Logistics, Inc.

Yale New Haven Hospital
Yale Hospital Playground
Yellow Book
Young & Rubicam
Zurich Re


2015, AIA Connecticut Business Award for Dorel Sports | Read More

2012, Commercial Honor Award, U.S. Green Building Award Council, Project: Nestle Headquarters

2012, Award of Merit for the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America, Project: Nestle Headquarters

2010, Gary Unger, The March of Dimes "Real Estate Person of the Year"

2007, AIA 2007 Connecticut Business Architecture Award, Project: Vertue

2007, Building of the Year Award, Southern Connecticut Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA), Project: 8 Sound Shore Drive

2005, New York Construction Interior Fit-Out Award, Project: Diageo




We have organized the office into studios and find the team approach works best for our projects. We are proud of our success over the years and extremely proud of our staff. Many of our employees have been with the firm for more than 10 years, with several also reaching their 20-year anniversaries. We believe this longevity speaks for our commitment to providing a professional work environment, allowing growth opportunities, for making available flexible work schedules and offering a competitive compensation program.

A compensation program is measured not only by base salary but also the many other benefits provided through employment with the firm. Our package includes salaries that are competitive in the marketplace, and eligible employees may also receive performance bonuses. In addition, our top-notch benefits program provides a generous policy for paid time off including holiday and vacation time, and also provides time during business hours for professional growth.

Our corporate culture is unparalleled and we enjoy the most professional reputation in the industry.

Candidates please contact us and send resume here. All resumes treated with the utmost confidentiality. Or if you have a special need, please call us at 203 967 3456.