We are pleased to tell you about the Fall 2019 Scholarship winner!  

The Carl Mirbach Memorial Scholarship at Norwalk Community College (NCC)

The Carl Mirbach Memorial Scholarship was established in honor and memory of a beloved member of CPG who passed away in October of 2016 after battling cancer and Guillain-Barre Syndrome.  This Scholarship was initially funded in the fall of 2017 with $30,000 raised through a golf fundraiser.  Subsequently, at a fall 2018 book signing event for Your Architectural Career, written by CPG founder Gary Unger, an additional $2,650 was added to the Scholarship from contributions by friends of the firm –as well as a match by CPG.

Scholarships are awarded to students in the Architectural Engineering Technology and Interior Design programs at NCC.  Past recipients of the Scholarship were Rodrigo Romo (Spring 2018), Kevin Bun (Spring 2018 and Fall 2018), and Danielly Novoli Santos (Fall 2018).

Jackeline Aguiar, an Architectural Engineering Technology student with a GPA of 3.78, is the recipient of this fall’s award.  Jackeline is a graduate of Brian McMahon High School, and is slated to graduate with her associate’s degree from Norwalk Community College in May 2020.  She would then like to go on to get her bachelor’s degree – and even her master’s! – in architecture.  The daughter of immigrants, Jackeline was faced with many financial challenges when she began to pursue options for her college education.   NCC has provided her with the opportunity to get an education without burdensome expense.  Living at home to help support her parents, Jackeline works part-time at Dunkin’ and as a math/writing tutor, stretching her earnings to pay tuition as well.   She states: “This scholarship is truly an enormous help for me and will be put to great use for this school year… and will make this school year easier for me to handle.”  Although she is seeking to learn about all aspects of design and architecture, Jackeline has an interest in using her CAD skills to help with theater sets.  “Without a doubt,” she says, “this scholarship will provide a greater advantage to an already valuable experience.”

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