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CPG Wins at AIA 2024 Business Architecture Awards

This statewide award honors architects and their clients whose projects help achieve the client’s business goals and/or create outsized impact through the design of the built environment.

Excellence | confidential investment advisory firm

Jury comments: Kudos for commitment to honoring New Canaan roots; incorporating existing brick; and producing a creative solution to elevation challenges. The preservation of an older building is a great sustainability story. Overall, an inspiring work environment that sets its occupants up for success on first sight.

Excellence | The Village

Jury comments: An impressive redevelopment that appears to include a wide variety of amenities. Care and attention have clearly been given to ensuring the project has high quality finishes while revealing the underlaying structure of the building. Incredible final result that truly embraces the full life-cycle of work, live, play. An exciting transformation and an interesting concept.

MERIT | Maxx Properties

Jury comments: The design appears to create a good sense of community with communal spaces and wide sweeping circulation. The central communal space is great, and clearly reflects the design aspiration of open, bright, natural, collaborative, and flexible space. Excellent use of design and materials to foster an appropriate post-COVID transition/return to the workplace.