University of the Andes
Merida, Venezuela
Degree in Architecture

National Council of Culture
Caracas, Venezuela
Exhibit and Museum Studies

France Ministry of Education
National Museum Council
Dijon, France
Exhibit Studies

A successful project comes from not only understanding each client’s unique goals, mission, and vision, but relying on clear and constant communication to ensure their needs are prioritized and addressed from start to finish.

Gilda leverages her 30 years of exhibit, museum, and architecture experience to create impactful and moving designs that connect brands, places, and people. She has honed her ability to combine each client’s unique brand positioning and global consumer trends, to conceive, design, fabricate and install custom brand displays and signage. At each stage of the process, from initial design to construction documents to implementation, Gilda ensures optimal and cost-effective results for CPG clients. Inspired by her family visits to Stonehenge and Pompeii, Gilda would like to someday follow her childhood dream and immerse herself in archeology studies.

CPG Architects

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