High Point University
Bachelor of Science
Interior Design

I believe a successfully designed project begins with really listening to your client and fully understanding their needs. Any space can be made to look aesthetically pleasing, but if it does not function for the client, it is not a success.

Functional. Personal. Efficient. As Project Designer, Jillian is a result-oriented designer that integrates each client’s unique needs with creative aesthetics that positively influence a person’s mind, body, and spirit. With over seven years in the industry, she joins the CPG team with the type of professional passion and motivation that extends into her personal life.  Beyond keeping up with trends and innovations in the commercial, healthcare, and residential design industries, she finds time to help others make the most of their personal spaces, turning rooms in disarray to beautiful, fully-organized environments for daily living. In fact, her flair for organization has become a part-time hobby, allowing her to help others in her community live a more functional and happy life.

CPG Architects

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