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Luis Marroquin Joins CPG as Project Director

As Project Director, Luis is a leader who strives to bring out the natural talent in his teams, especially junior associates whom he mentors. With over 12 years of industry experience that spans a wide range of practices, from complex commercial to custom residential design, he is thoroughly involved in all project phases and pushes for excellent design and execution with a keen eye toward achieving his client’s goals. His passion for architecture as a form of art fuels his belief in the importance of creating visually stunning and functional structures that engage the senses and inspire the imagination. It is this deep appreciation for the human experience that makes every moment memorable for Luis— whether it’s savoring a beautifully plated dish before it’s eaten at Le Train Bleu Restaurant in Paris or taking a pause to reflect within the cramped quarters of the Anne Frank House Museum in Amsterdam.


New York Institute of Technology
Bachelor of Science Degree, Architectural Technology