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Update: The Carl Mirbach Memorial Scholarship at Norwalk Community College

The Carl Mirbach Memorial Scholarship at Norwalk Community College

In October of 2018, CPG held a book signing event in honor of Gary Unger, CPG’s Founder, who recently published Your Architectural Career.  At the event, many friends of the firm took the opportunity to contribute additional funds to the Carl Mirbach Memorial Scholarship at Norwalk Community College.  This scholarship was initially funded with $30,000 in the Fall of 2017.  These funds were raised at a golf fundraising event to begin the Scholarship in honor and memory of Carl Mirbach, a beloved member of CPG who passed away in October, 2016 after battling cancer and Guillain-Barre Syndrome.

Contributions this year totaled $1,325; which CPG matched, and we are proud to say an additional $2,650 was deposited
We are pleased to share with you the Fall 2018 Scholarship winners!  Congratulations to both of these worthy students!


Kevin Bun – Major:  Architectural Engineering Technology, GPA: 3.69
Expected Graduation Date:  May 2019
A repeat scholarship winner, Kevin is now in his third semester at NCC after transferring from Western Connecticut State University where he was studying Computer Science.  He has now completed all of his core requirements and is spending his final two semesters concentrating on the requirements for his major.  After graduation, Kevin intends to transfer to a four-year institution to complete his Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture.  The scholarship funds have eased the financial burden for this son of a single parent, as Kevin pays for his own tuition, books, car maintenance, gas and all insurances (home, auto, health).

Regarding receiving the scholarship, Kevin states:  “I have so much more time and energy to devote toward my design projects, and my professors are noticing.  I have never felt more drive and joy in my work at NCC, and I am now very confident that I want to continue to pursue my passion for architecture.”  Kevin has become involved in many other aspects of NCC life, with many friends and networking opportunities.  He says, “Thanks to the Foundation, I finally feel like I belong here, doing my best at what I know I am good at.”

Danielly Novoli Santos – Major:  Interior Design, GPA: 3.25
Expected Graduation Date:  May 2019
Danielly is working toward her Associate Degree in Interior Design with Architecture and plans to transfer to Pratt to acquire a Bachelor’s Degree in this field.  She has a passion for creating and designing, and has taken advantage of many of the forms of help and tutoring offered by NCC.  She is also a member of the Architecture Club.  Danielly’s family is on a tight budget, with her husband working in construction and she as a caregiver.   Receiving the scholarship has allowed more time for her to focus on her studies by decreasing the need to work during the week.  Danielly says, “The NCC Foundation Scholarship has given me the leverage to better manage my time and focus more on my studies, helping me with my academic progress even more now that I am taking classes that require a lot of time with hands-on projects.”  She feels that receiving the scholarship funds will help her to achieve her goal to become an architect, and it will also help to expand and enrich her professional experiences.  In summary, Danielly conveys, “On behalf of all the students working to overcome financial difficulties to achieve their dreams, I would like to thank you again for helping support those dreams.”