University of Iowa
Master of Business Administration

Montclair State University
Bachelor of Arts

There are endless possibilities on what we can achieve with technology. As always, I look forward to discovering emerging tech and tools that can advance our projects and pursuit of innovative ideas.

For over 22 years, Arnold has spearheaded the design, building, and support of CPG’s network infrastructure, hardware, and software. Deploying a broad range of technology, including server and application virtualization, he evaluates and customizes each platform for critical projects and corporate-wide use to propel our business forward. Arnold not only keeps CPG up and running internally but also is a key resource for seamless communication and interfacing between CPG and our clients. Similar to his passion for high altitude skiing, such as when he tackled the Swiss Alps, Arnold anticipates the path to success with focus and precision, making him the ideal partner to ensure our projects are running smoothly.

CPG Architects

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