• Confidential Client
  • Insidesource Showroom
  • 50 Day Street
  • airline business, vintage airline posters, airplane models, light coves, warm wood paneling, punched metal ceiling panels, 3D printed Jet engine
  • Tech Company, Lego Wall, LED Wall, Open Work Area, Open Ceiling, Gaming Areas, Sleep Pods, Company Culture, Bar, Color Branded, Interconnecting Stair, Ball Pit
  • Modern, Low Workstations, Team Areas, Cohesive Environment, Neutral Color Palate, Maple Wood Accents, Natural Light, Pops of Color, High Ceiling, Glass Wall Systems
    H. Muehlstein & Co., Inc.
  • Modern, Clean Design, Acoustical Design, Open Space
  • Tailored Space, Open Work Area, Butterfly-winged clouds, Acoustics, Functional Workspace, Open Ceiling
    Gardiner & Theobald
  • Industrial, Metals, Hospitality, Live Edge Bar top, Live Edge Conference Table, Steampunk, Open Work Area, Steel Spiral Stair
    Inspira Marketing
  • Hudson's Bay Company
CPG Architects

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