Catholic University of Ecuador
Bachelor of Architecture

Technical University
Darmstadt, Germany
Master of Science
Urban Development, and International Cooperation

International University of Catalonia
Master of Science
Sustainable Architecture, and International Cooperation

Historical architecture can immerse you into the culture of a destination. Just like trying each region’s cuisine, it’s an experience you can’t miss the next time you travel.

Nico spent the first years of his career in the public sector, overseeing large-scale projects, including bus terminals, public spaces, a university campus, and many mixed-used buildings. More recently, he has specialized in commercial design, including corporate, hospitality, education, and health care projects. With his international education background, Nico provides a global lens to our architectural and sustainable projects and a unique design perspective to our work and team. His cosmopolitan sensibility extends to his passion for global cuisine, whether it’s discovering authentic Lebanese moussaka in the neighborhoods of Barcelona or holiday dishes like fanesca in his home of Ecuador.

CPG Architects

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