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Rebecca Hopkins Joins CPG as Senior Project Designer

With over 17 years of experience, Rebecca leverages her extensive expertise to ensure that each project remains authentic and aligned with clients’ values, while considering their evolving culture and future operational needs. She draws inspiration from the distinct brand identity of each client, integrating her focused approach to meeting project deadlines, budgets, and specifications, resulting in successful project outcomes. As Senior Project Designer, she reinforces CPG’s dedication to delivering a unique client experience and pioneering design solutions that strive to craft functional spaces with inspiring visual appeal, all while reducing environmental impact. Her portfolio reflects extensive work in corporate, commercial, and residential design, leading projects for major players like JPMorgan Chase. Relying on her instincts and adhering to her vision has proven fruitful for Rebecca, both as a former business owner and a team leader for multiple high-profile projects. Beyond work, she makes it a priority to continue sharing her insights and advocating for women in business in her capacity as Vice Board Member of the Greater Valley Chamber of Commerce/Women in Networking, showcasing her unwavering dedication to fostering women’s entrepreneurship and empowerment.


Pratt Institute
Bachelor’s Degree, Interior Architecture