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The Carl Mirbach Memorial Scholarship at Norwalk Community College

The Carl Mirbach Memorial Scholarship was established in honor and memory of a beloved member of CPG who passed away in October of 2016 after battling cancer and Guillain-Barre Syndrome.  This Scholarship was initially funded in the fall of 2017 with $30,000 raised through a golf fundraiser.  Subsequently, at a fall 2018 book signing event for Your Architectural Career, written by CPG founder Gary Unger, an additional $2,650 was added to the Scholarship from contributions by friends of the firm –as well as a match by CPG. Scholarships are awarded to students in the Architectural Engineering Technology and Interior Design programs at NCC.

Homam – an Architectural Engineering Technology student who has had a love of art, structural design, and the creation of beautiful buildings since his youth.  His father died when he was young, and his mother has always reminded him that education is something that will sustain him in the future.  In an effort to show his appreciation for the scholarship received, this student intends to serve his community and support others after he receives his degree. 

Hector – an Architecture student who has overcome the challenge of worry for making the correct career choice and is thriving in the program.  He enjoys working hard, especially in the quiet areas of campus that allow getting ahead in work and not having the hassle of distractions.  This student has a dream of designing a church that will be different than others and a place to make people happy. 
Lebessy – an Architectural Engineering Technology international student with limited financial resources for tuition and living expenses.  This student’s father is a civil engineer, which inspired his interest in construction, space, design, and drawings.  Knowing that each piece of architecture is a piece of art with a unique story, this student wants to bring his dreams to fruition by contributing to world development and improving people’s living conditions.